About Us

The Desert Community Foundation was established in 1999 as a public nonprofit organization to provide opportunities for individual donors to make lasting contributions to the desert communities of the Coachella Valley today and in the future.

A Brief History

The Desert Community Foundation was founded by Ronald E. Gother, after an informal feasibility study was conducted. Ronald Gother, along with Jack Shakely, President Emeritus of the California Community Foundation, interviewed nonprofit executives, community and business leaders regarding the role and benefits of a local community foundation. With an enthusiastic response from those citizens, an Advisory Board was recruited and funding was secured with a grant of $450,000 from the California Community Foundation cited by Peter Drucker in Forbes Magazine as one of the ten best managed nonprofit organizations in America.

Through the Desert Community Foundation, individuals can ensure that their money will continue to work to make the desert communities better and stronger now and in the future. The Foundation is structured to receive and disperse a wide range of gifts. Donors can personalize giving in a way that meets their needs and desires. The Foundation administers grants from the funds that have helped local individuals and nonprofit organizations. The Foundation staff and Board provide advice and financial support to numerous nonprofit organizations that serve the desert communities of the Coachella Valley.

Over the years, various endowment funds, donor advised funds and scholarship funds have been established by local citizens to assist individuals and nonprofit organizations the desert communities of the Coachella Valley.

The Desert Community Foundation currently manages funds with assets exceeding $75 million.